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A contemporary Korean painting artist Juheon Cho is from Seoul. She received two separate degrees in Korean traditional painting/ Fine art and printmaking from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul and studied her masters in Fine art at Goldsmiths University of London. Her interest is on Korean traditional deep colour painting(진채화), commodification of personal narrative, self restoration through drawing, diaspora, the value of artisanal labour.

After the study, she worked as an artist traveling back and forth between the UK and Korea, she had six solo exhibitions starting with her first solo exhibition ‘The Little boy and a toxic Land (The 5th base gallery/London)’ in 2015 and was invited to ‘Tamed by spectacle - the opaqueness of image (The muse at 269 Gallery/London)’, ‘A spectacle fever ; media between real and digital (Gallery Dos/Seoul)’, ‘Flat digital (Chungmuro Media Center/Seoul)’, ‘Memories ; Obersee (Villa Heike/Berlin), ‘@project.dear.diary (Junghyun Gallery, Wrocław, Poland)’.

She had invited and collaborated with Exhibitions and collaborations with other artists at ‘DIGITDISCO: THE BODY IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL (The showroom/London), ‘Media Ecstasy (Art Museum KNU/Daegu)’, ‘Future with Arts (Daegu art factory/Daegu)’, ‘Geeky Zone (K Museum of contemporary art/Seoul)’ as well as many other exhibitions. After returning to Seoul from London, she taught ‘contemporary art research’ class and ‘fine art painting’ at Daegu University and Kyungbook National University, and currently lives and works as an artist in Berlin, Germany.


Juheon Cho focuses on the artist's reflections on their daily experiences as an outsider living in Berlin. A drawing project ‘@project.dear.diary’ - It highlights the artist's practice of capturing daily sensations of nature, people, and the world through shapes, textures, and colours in her 140 drawings. This process is not just observational but involves active engagement with her foreign self-identity and artistic identity, emphasising her role not as a bystander but as an active participant in her own environment and unveiling pathways for self-reconstruction and progression.

140 number of her drawings are transformed by creating the ‘Mind-scape ('. In the process of creating Mind-scape paintings, drawings lose their narrative, becoming patterned and commoditised. This fragmentation reduces them to elements of colour, shape, and texture, erasing their original narrative significance. It explores the cycles of personal narratives becoming commodified.

From the ‘’ The artist also uses the power of incompleteness, creating a narrative where the artistic process itself, with transitory sketch lines and intentionally unpainted segments, becomes a testament to their continual involvement. This deliberate state of incompletion invites the audience to be aware of the artist's labour beyond the artwork.

Currently at StudiosID. Berlin.


2015 Goldsmiths University of London 
/ MFA Fine Art

2011 Feb EWHA WOMENS UNIVERSITY, Seoul, S. Korea / BFA Fine Art (Hons.)

2010 Feb EWHA WOMENS UNIVERSITY, Seoul, S. Korea / BFA Korean Painting (Hons.)


2023 Feb @project.dear.diary, Junghyun Gallery, Wrocław, Poland

2021-2022 Dec-Jan  Memories ; Obersee, Villa Heike, Berlin, Germany

2018 Nov  Flat digital, Chungmuro Media Centre, Seoul, S. Korea

2017 Aug  A Spectacle Fever; media between real and digital, GalleryDOS, Seoul, S. Korea

2016-2017 Dec  Tamed by spectacle-the opaqueness of image, The Muse at 269 gallery, London, UK

2015 Nov  The little boy and a toxic land, 5th base Gallery, London, UK


2024 May Nature’s Veil, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2024 Feb The Incorrigible Drawing Club. 2, LADIES DRAWING CLÜB, Tbilisi, Georgia

2023 Dec Art works, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London, UK

2023 Sep ‘Letter from the East’, Lichtenberg/Studio ID, Berlin, Germany

2022 Jun BBA Art Exhibition, Kühlhaus, Berlin, Germany

2022 Aug ‘SEOUL’, MKW curated, Berlin, Germany

2021 Sep ‘Unblock.Berlin’, Studio ID, Germany

2021 Sep ‘Lange Nacht der Bilder 2021’, Lichtenberg/Studio ID, Germany

2020 Sep ‘Lange Nacht der Bilder-Open studio’, Studio ID, Germany

2019 Sep 4482 [sasapari], Celo art space, Seoul, S. Korea

2019 Apr Harmony Art Exchange Program, Harmony Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

2018 Sep Sunny Art Exhibition, Sunny Art Centre, London, UK

2018 May 'Geeky Zone', K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, S. Korea

2017 Nov 'Media Ecstasy', KMU Art Museum, Daegu, S. Korea

2017 Nov ‘Future with arts’, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, S. Korea

2017 Feb ‘Overlapping Space’, Guruji Gallery, Seoul, S. Korea

2016 Oct “Revolution”, University of Suffolk- cafe Siena, Ipswich, UK

2016 Jul Petta Fiesta Exhibition - Print making part, Pettaugh, Ipswich, UK

2015 Sep A selection of talented graduates, VJB Arts, London, UK

2015 Jul Goldsmiths MFA degree show, Goldsmiths University of London, UK


2014 Jul Interim Show, Goldsmiths University of London, UK

2014 Feb 4482 [sasapari] Symposium, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, UK

2011 Sep SHASHA, Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul, S. Korea

2011 Aug ASYAAF, Hongik University Art Center, Seoul, S. Korea

2011 Jul Her Story , Samchung Gallery, Seoul, S. Korea

2010 Nov EWHA KOREAN PAINTING, EHWA Art Center, Seoul, S. Korea

2010 Aug ASYAAF, Sungshin University Art Center, Seoul, S. Korea

2010 Mar Hong Kong Modern Art Fair, Hong Kong

2010 Jan 2010 Selected New Artists, Gallery Imazoo, Seoul, S. Korea

2009 Nov EWHA PAINTING, EWHA art center, Seoul, S. Korea


March 2016 to February 2019  -  Name of University, Daegu University : Lecturer on Contemporary Art
-Course: Researching Contemporary Art, 2nd Year Students.

March 2018 to February 2019 - Name of University, Kyungpook National University : Lecturer on Fine Art
-Course: Expressing Technique, 3rd Year Students.

January 2016 to December 2018 - JCC : Lecturer on Fine Art
-Course: Art History (Hellenism-Cinquecento Renaissance)
-Course: Contemporary Art and Humanity
-Course: Time, Sense and memory
-Course: Fossil and Past


    2024 Jackson’s Art Prize - Long listed

    2023 Barbican Arts Group Trust Prize - 3rd Prize

    2022 BBA Art Prize - 3rd Prize

    2021 ArtConnect Magazine - Artists to Watch 2021

    2018 Sunny Art Award, London, UK - shortlisted

    2018 Chungmu-ro Media Centre public contest
    Exhibition supported from Seoul city and Seoul media committee.

    2017 GalleryDOS ‘The perfect application’ public contest

    2010 ASYAAF - Grand Prize

    2009 Korea Art Competition - Special Mention
    National competition for over 20 artists to exhibit their work. Competing in oil painting category.

    2009 Korea Art Competition - Special Mention
    National competition for over 20 artists to exhibit their work. Competing in traditional Korean painting category.


    2023 Suzy Royal, Lange Nacht der Bilder 2023-Meet the artist at the studio

    2023 Kim-Min ju, KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange)

    2023 Kim-Chang man, Global Epic News.  (

    2022 Two room Magazine, No.19, ‘Space of Women artists in Berlin.’

    2022 The Muse Letter January 2022 (

    2021 ArtConnect Magazine

    2021 Hue & Eye Magazine (

    2021 Oh -Ju young, Woman Daily. (

    2020  Kulturring Berlin, (

    2018  Sung-Jae Kim, The Kyoung Buk Daily

    2018  Ji- Hyae Kim, The Daegu Daily

    2018  Mi- Hyang Choi, The Art Korea Broadcast

    2018  Jin- Bum Cho, The Young Nam Daily,

    2017  Bo-a Choi, Kyoung Sang Daily News

    2017  Jae-Bum Kim, UP Korea

    2017  Suk-Jin Kim, The Global News

    2017  The Niji Magazine, Meet The Artis

    2016  The STATE Magazine, No.23, 'Hot and Cool Art'

    2016  Hee-jeong Yoon, The Kyoung Buk Daily

    2016  Un-young Paik, The Global News

    2016  Min-kyeoung Kim, The Munhwa News

    2010  Chae-gang Lee, The EWHA Weekly, Vol.1382, September

    2010  Jung-mi Son, The Chosun Daily Newspaper, Vol.27887, August.


    2016-2018 JCC ART CENTER
    Position: Co-Founder and owner
    It is a experimental contemporary art institution, alternative cultural space and artist studio located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. 

    2022- CHO & HEATH Studio/Gallery
    Posotion: Co-founder and Director


    2024 Jan “Dark Skies, Wild Seas: Cot Valley Group Artist Residency”, Cornwall, UK


    Private collections
    (London, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Busan, Gyeonggi-do, Los Angeles, Berlin, Hong Kong)
    Hurs Gallery, London, UK
    POP MY MIND Ltd, Ipswich, UK
    Dechan, Seoul, S.Korea
    IMM Investment Global, Hong Kong
    YoungNam Law Firm, Deagu, S.Korea
    Industrial Bank of Korea, Seoul, S.Korea


    2019 Team cats and Bears - Steam advertisement of digital game ‘Bubbles the Cat’    

    2018 Flat digital+Flat painting Ver.1 (Atom Land Ride), Game developer-Warren Heath

    2017 Atom land ride (Let’s be innocent-disaster game Ver.1), Game developer-Warren Heath

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    Sculptral Painting

    Disaster Game

    Colour mining

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    Psychedelic nature-invisible fear

    26m Panorama disaster painting


    Disaster painting

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    One plus fan zone🎉

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    Wall paper series


    Sixth solo show

    Memories ; Obersee
    Fifth solo show

    Flat digital
    Fourth solo show

    A Spectacle Fever; Media between real and digital
    Third solo show

    Tamed by spectacle - the opaqueness of image
    Second solo show

    The little boy and a toxic land
    First solo show

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