*Visual Artist
*Founder of JCC ARTS STUDIO (JOJOO Collaborative Creative Arts Studio)
*University lecturer

A contemporary 'Korean painting' artist Juheon Cho is from Seoul, South Korea. She received two separate bachelor's degrees in Korean painting and Fine art from Ewha Womans University in Seoul. She studied her master's in Fine art at the Goldsmiths University of London. After that, she worked as an artist and a lecturer travelling back and forth between the UK and Korea, she had six solo exhibitions starting with her first solo exhibition ‘The Little boy and a toxic Land’ in London in 2015 and was invited to exhibit for ‘Tamed by the spectacle - the opaqueness of image (The muse at 269 Gallery/London)’, ‘A spectacle fever; media between real and digital (Gallery Dos/Seoul)’, ‘Flat digital (Chungmuro Media Centre/Seoul - Supported by the city of Seoul)’, ‘Memories; Obersee (Villa Heike/ Berlin), @project.dear.diary (Junghyun Gallery/Wrocław) ’. She had been invited to Exhibitions and collaborations with other artists at ‘DIGITDISCO: THE BODY IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL (The showroom/London), ‘Media Ecstasy (Kyoungbook University Museum/Daegu)’, ‘Future with Arts (Daegu art factory/Daegu)’, ‘Geeky Zone (K Museum of contemporary art/Seoul)’ as well as many other exhibitions. She recently received an award at BBA Art Prize and was noted as an artist to catch at the Art Connect Magazine. She is an artist who always raised a question about the experience and notion of the boundary between the sensations of time, spaces and memories based on Korean painting. After returning to Seoul from London, she taught contemporary art and Painting at Universities, and currently lives and works as an artist in Berlin.