Visual Artist
Founder of JCC ARTS STUDIO (JOJOO Collaborative Creative Arts Studio)
University lecturer

Juheon Cho (aka Jojoo), is an artist and lecturer born in Seoul, South Korea. She has studied at Ewha Women’s University, where she obtained degrees in two separate majors, ‘Painting and Printmaking’ and ‘Korean Painting’. Her studies in Korean painting techniques and styles are still incorporated into her works. After completing her studies in Korea Jojoo obtained a masters in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London. It’s from this setting she pursued an interest in the digital environment and media that occupy the digital space. This led to an exploration of the idea of spectacle and it’s impact on the ideas of empathy and sympathy about the world, especially in urban environments. Juehon Cho has received multiple awards and shortlistings, including most recently being shortlisted for the Sunny Art Award in London and has operated as a global artist with over 20 exhibitions in Seoul, London, Shanghai and Daegu.  Her upcoming exhibition is expected to take place in Villa Heike, Berlin in 2021.

After graduating from Goldsmiths Jojoo concurrently lectured at both Daegu University and Kyungpook National University in South Korea where she received highly recommended by the students that partook in her courses. During her tenure she also created the Jojoo Collaborative Creative Arts Studio (JCC Art Studio) where she taught and introduced children to the ideas and themes of contemporary art, fostering a love for the subject within her national award-winning students. Her lecturing in both Fine Art and Contemporary Art where she was extremely well received, accepting accolades in excellence from both universities for each of the three years she taught before moving to Berlin. In her works, she has explored the concepts of flatness on digital media, spectacle and society’s interaction with media and its effects. These works primarily focus on how media can trite the experiences of other people and separates the viewer/consumers' interaction with the world.

With this background, she presents interpretations of the modern world that are visually appealing, whilst serving as sarcastic statements on the state of modern media. This exploration of human interactions with the media they consume became the main focus of her work, especially in her solo shows “the little boy and the toxic land”, “Tamed by Spectacle - The Opaqueness of image” and “A Spectacle Fever; media between the real and Digital”. Having moved on from being a traditional painter, her work has expanded into multiple mediums, including sculptures, digital constructions and installations as well as other digital experiences and experiments. As an artist who has moved from country to country, she has first-hand experience of how new media can isolate or involve people in the countries and communities.

This has led to her work’s most recent focus on how art communicates to people and how art can act as a sur-rounding environment instead of acting as the individual point of attention. Jojoo’s most recent solo show was supported by the City of Seoul and Seoul media council, titled “Flat Digital'' this show was her most experimental so far. Utilising a diorama and virtually streamed version of the model that was projected into the real world, this created a manipulated reality for the audience to interact with. She also worked with a software developer, Warren Heath, to create a joint work that overlaid an interactive game experience projected against reality on top of painted canvas.